Daily Bulletin

Pojoaque Valley Middle School Bulletin for Wednesday, January 17, 2018

EARN A PRIDE SLIP FROM MS. TRUJILLO Catch Ms. Trujillo and show her your planner for a PRIDE slip and an Atomic Fireball.

HOMEWORK CLUB This week Homework Club is: Wednesday, January 17th, 7/8th Grade Math.

Student ID's worn daily All students without ID's starting today will purchase another one today. You will not be able to attend the February dance until you pay for your ID.

Daily Planners First period teachers are to check planners every Monday morning. Planner replacements cost $5.00 at the office.

Pride Cart Tuesdays Scholars the Pride cart will be out during lunchtime every Tuesday for both 7th and 8th graders.

NATURAL HELPERS MEETING There will be a Natural Helpers Meeting, Wednesday, January 17th - 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. to discuss and begin fundraiser.

MR. CORTEZ' PRIDE TIME CLASS Mr. Cortez' PRIDE TIME class will meet in room 102 on Thursday morning.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Scholars and staff who will celebrate a birthday this week are: MS. CINDY GURULE; CLARIZA CARRERA; AUTUMN MARTINEZ; KIMBERLY MENENDEZ; REBECCA ROYBAL; JESIAH MARTINEZ; MARIBELLE RUIZ; ANTHONY VALDEZ, NEVAEH GALLEGOS; ZACHARY PADILLA & AALIYAH TRUJILLO. Happy birthday to all! P.S. Please do not run your fingers through the names posted on the birthday board, let's demonstrate PRIDE and celebrate our staff and scholar birthdays. Thank you! Announce on Monday-Wednesday and Friday only

AFTER SCHOOL HOUR EVENTS Most activities, games, begin at 4:00 p.m. We do not have the staff to supervise you from the time school dismisses until 4:00 p.m. If you do bring a permission slip, Security will be with you in the gym, supervised and we will be aware you are on campus. This is for your own safety. Thank you very much.

Phase 2 of our PVMS Scholar's Classroom Discipline Process Parents and Guardians of PVMS Scholars, Effective this semester scholars are being held more accountable for their own classroom learning. Within a few weeks, our Phase 2 Scholar Classroom Discipline Process will be going into effect. Scholars that have already had 3 classroom disciplinary write-ups and served 3 lunch detentions and had a conference with parent/guardians, counselor, and teacher will move directly into Phase 2. All other scholars continue with the current process that can be found in your daily planner on page 3. “No longer can disrupting the learning of others or simply refusing to do classwork be an option here at PVMS for any scholar.” While all the details are being finalized, scholars who refuse to demonstrate PRIDE behavior in their classes are facing time out of their classes. A documented referral will be sent to the principal. The principal will then schedule that scholar to ISS 101. There the scholar will work on grade level teacher prepared materials only. Those scholars will then be allowed an opportunity to return to their regular schedule, if they have met the required expectations. Should the same scholar receive another referral, or refuse to complete the assigned skill work the principal will schedule that scholar back to ISS 101. In addition, that scholar will be required to make up missed classroom work as well as incomplete skill work at our new mandatory Saturday School. Teachers and principal have volunteered, without pay, to be here on Saturday's, with those scholars that must attend. Saturday School will run from 8-12. Our first Saturday School is scheduled for January 20th. Parent/Guardians will be required to bring their scholar on the designated Saturday. Should a scholar fail to show up to Saturday School, additional consequences will be implemented following Action Levels 2-4, found in scholar's daily planner page 3. If there are any parents/guardians that would like to learn more about PHASE 2 of our Scholars Classroom Progressive Discipline plan, please contact Ms. Trujillo at 455-2239.

scholar's bring baby pictures and magazines next week Scholars, You will begin to develop your own Vision Boards during Pride time beginning this week. Bring old magazines and family pictures to put on your boards. You can leave the magazines at the front office. Thanks. Ms. Trujillo

2017-2018 Summer School Revision The current Summer School policy requires any scholar that has failed 2 or more core classes this semester as an 8th grade automatically attend summer school. Any 7th grader that failed 2 or more core classes would be invited to attend summer school. The PVMS leadership team (made up primarily of your teachers) recommended to Ms. Trujillo and Superintendent Morgan to consider looking at scholars first and second semester final grades before determining if a scholar must attend summer school. The 2 final grades would be averaged. If the scholar earns all passing grades, summer school will not be necessary. Both Ms. Trujillo and Superintendent Morgan agreed to this change, for determining who attends the 2017-2018 summer school. Near the end of the school year, upon review of grades and teacher input, grade level counselor’s along with the principal will finalize the list of scholars that will attend the 2017-2018 summer school. So, for those scholars that failed 2 or more core classes this semester and decide to take ownership of your own learning, you have a second opportunity to avoid 5 weeks of summer school.

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